Basketry tea set.

Early training as an illustrator combined with a love of sculpture influence Kay’s approach to silversmithing: the shiny mirror-like surface of a new sheet of silver can be likened to a blank piece of paper waiting for narrative images “to tell a story”, or for the play of light on bumps and hollows to bring it to life.

Sources of inspiration for designs range from the visual intrigue of ancient Egyptian burial wrappings and Japanese basket weaving, to rhythmic elements of the natural world. The connecting thread is an attraction to things that twine and flow, envelop and interweave.

To create her silver work, Kay uses etching, chasing, and hand-fabricating techniques as required for each individual piece. She has evolved a virtuoso skill in multi-layered hand-etching for pictorial designs, seen to perfection in the finely detailed commemorative wine jug, A Life in the Garden.

Accomplished handmaking skills produce the expressive shapes and subtle movement in more organic work, typified by the dynamic Marine Bioforms suite.

Kay Ivanovic © 2022